Friday, May 24, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Dances on Stripper Pole in Lingerie: We're the Millers Trailer

Justin Theroux is a very lucky man. His famous wife-to-be Jennifer Aniston takes a whole lot off to play a jaded stripper in We're the Millers, as revealed in the first trailer for the comedy, revealed on Wednesday, May 22.
PHOTOS: Jen's jaw-dropping bikini body
In the clip, the 43-year-old actress wears multiple wigs (a black Louise Brooks-style bob, a straight platinum blonde piece) wearing skimpy, trashy lingerie as she works a stripper pole and gives a lap dance -- showing off considerable cleavage, long toned legs and more -- to costar Jason Sudeikis.

PHOTOS: Jen and Justin strip down for a sexy vacation
In the film -- costarring Ed Helms, Emma Roberts, Nick Offerman and others -- Aniston, as "Rose," colludes with Sudeikis' character, David, a pot dealer looking to move up on the food chain via a big-time South of the Border drug smuggling scheme. (Sudeikis also recruits Roberts and actor Will Poulter, with the foursome posing as a wholesome nuclear family.)

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