Friday, November 30, 2012

Laura Govan refuses to show her kids

Laura Govan said you will never see her babies on camera again! At least not for free.
You may have caught a glimpse of Laura's youngest child on "Basketball Wives: LA" once last season, but you get another peek at her babies unless VH1 pays up.
“If they want to see my kids, they have to pay me,” said Laura, who is engaged to Gilbert Arenas. Of course, there is a chance that Laura may not be back for another season as Executive Producer Shaunie O'Neal has publicly contemplated changing the cast line up.
When we spoke to Laura she didn't seem at all concerned about the threat, and her sister Gloria Govan doesn't put much stock in Shaunie's producer credit either!
"Shaunie's not an active producer on the show. Shaunie 'created' the show, so she’s just kind of been thrown on as executive producer for anything 'Basketball Wives,' 'Football Wives'…that’s her thing,"she told Just Jonsey, joking that she might run Shaunie over if she saw her in the streets.
"It’s kind of funny that she’s says that because I’m like, 'Really, if you were an active producer on the show would you really have my sister of all people on the show?'" Gloria added. "If I didn’t like you I’m not going to put you on my show."

Weeks ago there were rumors that VH1 was cutting most of the cast from the show, which the network has since denied. Still, Gloria anticipates a few ejections and new faces should the show be picked up for season 3.
"There will be some changes. I don't plan on returning," said Gloria. "I know I've said this before, but seriously...I'm not returning."

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