Friday, November 30, 2012

Gabourey Loses 174 Pounds (Real or Fake)

Ok we are late but I had to post this story.
This infamous picture has been floating around the internet for the past few days. There were several things that comes to mind. When did Gabourey Sidibe lose the weight? How did she lose the weight? What advice does she have to her plus size fans?
These questions may be harder for Sidibe to answer, as she is NOT 174 pounds lighter. She recently lost only 54 pounds, over the past year, which would be very accurate for someone with a busy schedule. Although, it may be a welcome sight for many Gabourey fans, it is clearly a Photoshop image.
The image was a past photo shoot of African American Plus Size Model-Marquita-Pring.
Gabourey is slowly on her way down to 100 pounds. It was very optimistic and creative for the person to illustrate an example of the future actress! Watch out Jeniffer Hudson!

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