Monday, May 7, 2012

K and Scott to wed in Mexico

Their relationship hasn’t exactly been the stuff that fairy tales are made of. But when Kourtney Kardashian finally — and shockingly — decided to tie the knot with her bad-boy baby daddy, Scott Disick, she chose a locale nearly romantic enough to erase the heartache he’s caused her over the years. “Kourtney has always loved Mexico,” explains a friend of the soon-to-be mother of two. While her rep denies the story, In Touch has learned she has selected Casa Aramara — the stunning estate on the outskirts of Puerta Vallarta, owned by Kardashian pal Joe Francis — as the venue for her wedding to Scott. “Her family has been friends with Joe or so long,” the friend adds. “Kourtney has always considered Joe’s home a place where she can really relax.”

Of course, Kourtney’s reasons for marrying Scott, 28, aren’t entirely romantic. “They signed a $1 million deal with E! to get married on TV,” reveals an insider, who adds that the couple will be announcing their engagement “in an orchestrated, well-publicized manner” to ensure they get as many viewers as possible. Both ambitious, the pair is excited to be raking in this type of money — and that’s doing a lot to alleviate the stress between them.

Kourtney also has gotten Scott to agree to a set of behavioral rules, which, if broken, could end the engagement. “He needs to prove he’s really gotten his act together after the baby’s born,” a source shares. “If he does, then she’ll give him that big, televised wedding."

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