Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kendall Jenner and Caroline Trentini Don Prosthetics for LOVE Magazine

Kendall Jenner and Caroline Trentini Don Prosthetics for LOVE Magazine
Kendall Jenner photographed for LOVE magazine by Steven Klein. 
LOVE magazine’s attempt to break the internet for a second time around continues, but now not for the reasons they hoped. Capitalizing on the Kardashians’ fame, the magazine has Kim Kardashian and her little sister Kendall Jennersplitting covers, while inside, individual editorials with the two cover stars, plus another for other little sister Kylie Jenner, makes this the official “Kardashian” issue.
Leaks of various images of Kim have made the internet, one where she is bent over a planter, not wearing any underwear, and perhaps more damningly smoking a cigarette, and another where she stands in a doorway, covered in oil, fully naked except for a robe, exposing herself to the world once again. The images would’ve been more shocking but at this point, what Kardashian body part have we not seen? Let me know when they give us a tour on the inside of her ear canal, and then we’ll talk.
Kendall Jenner in the LOVE magazine editorial.
Kendall – the one pursuing the serious fashion career – stars in an editorial called “Boobs,” photographed by famed photographer Steven Klein, alongside other top models like Caroline Trentini and Malgosia Bela. In the images, the women are in various states of undress, nothing new for a fashion editorial, and definitely nothing new for LOVE, which is basically the Playboy of fashion, but what is new this time, is that their bodies have been altered to the extreme. They have been given a big ass and big breasts, Kardashian bodies. A sort of corporeal blackface.
In one of the images, Trentini, a blonde, green-eyed model from Brazil, is standing her back towards the camera, wearing a thong that shows off her big, fake, butt and a cropped top that has been pulled up to exposed her breasts. The picture brings to mind the work of anotherphotographer, also currently trending because of Kim Kardashian, Jean-Paul Goode, and his 1982 series entitled “Jungle Fever.” The images, exalt the “otherness” of the black bodies, while also putting them in stereotypically racist, and denigrating positions.

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