Interview with Actor Blue Kimble

Atlanta , GA is one of the best places in the south that is upcoming in the area of film and motion pictures. Every corner you look there is a script being written, produced and taped. Celebrities are everywhere and you might even get a glimpse of one of your favorite actors. Flashing lights is what we call the stylist city that we know in the south were dreams come true for most with hard work and determination. One example of this hard work and determination is an actor that Denise Young the Editor and Chief sat down with. Check out what she had to say about Actor Blue Kimble “Blue Kimble is a young man that is doing great things in the area of film. He as the look, he has charismatic demeanor and attitude to take him to the top. Blue is one of the guys that you can set for hours and talk to he is smart, good looking and a smile that can light up a room. Mr. Kimble is well educated which makes him desirable to women and we wish him the best of luck in future projects.”
Take a look at Editor’s candid interview with Blue Kimble. (The interview took place in Atlantic Station

Interview with Mya

Tell us about yourself?
Well, I'm just a simple girl, livin' in a complicated world. I like to keep things simple, drama free, absorb positive energy and give. I go by the name of Mya. 

When did you start your singing career?
At 16 I was presented with my first production deal. At 17 I completed my first album and by 18 it was released. I was in gospel choir and performed publicly at the age of 12 without my parents knowledge. 

Does anyone else sing in your family?
My father, grandmother, great grandparents, aunts, uncles all sing. 

Who are you musical inspirations?
Too many people to list but to name a few... Rose RoyceMinnie RippertonNatalie Cole, Chrissy Hines, Sarah McLaughlin, Teena MarieDonna Summer

Your favorite place to perform?
I don't have a favorite place, but in front of true fans is always wonderful as they know every lyric and you see them cry, laugh, dance, etc.

Do you play any instruments?
Violin and percussion.

What genre of music that you listen too?
All genres. I've currently been listening to house mix and mash up cd's from several dj's.

What hidden talents do you have?
I draw, design, sew, draft contracts, teach, sound engineer, box. 

Any loves besides music?
I love interacting or caring for animals and studying the universe.

What is your advice for upcoming artist?
I'd have to write a book to give true advice, but generally speaking, be passionate about whatever craft it is you do and be confident in your delivery while maintaining a humble spirit open for criticism. Save your money, invest into yourself and develop more than 3skills as it's necessary to be hands on and self-sufficient to make anything happen. 

What is your first song even sung?
My mom says it was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

What is in your ipod, who do you listen to now?
Minnie Ripperton, Millie Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Depeche ModeBob Marley so many more.

What is your favorite food?
Italian Manicotti

What do you do on your spare time?
Sleep, Read books, watch documentaries

What projects are you working on now?
That's a secret.
However, my new 6th studio album K.I.S.S. is now available for preorders and downloads on

How can your fans reach you?

Here is some other information about this great artist

Here is one of our favorite songs by Mya

Elements of The Movements: Candid Interview with  Co Founders of 2 Kids & a Dream
By: Denise L Young
April 1, 2011

Dance to the world can be best described as physical displays of the many cultures. When I watch 2 Kids & Dream productions they make me feel like I am in a dream as I watch them created new dance moves to coincide with the flourishing music of the New Renaissance of dance. Similar to the music of the time, dance during the period expressed, anger, sadness, joy, frustration, and lust, many things that could be expressed in music could be translated to dance or the soul. I have had the pressure in meeting a great number of people in my life although very few people take their dream and passion and make it into something as magical and inspiring as 2 Kids & a Dream productions founder & Co- founder Ursula Kendall Johnson and Juel D. Lane. Let me reintroduce to 2 Kids & Dream productions!
As I sat down to meet with the brilliant duo I thought of the Renaissance area and how the reminiscence of great dancers come before them and how I compared them to the to Harlem Renaissance area . I saw a glanced of a pass performance 2 Kids & Dream productions with Ursula & Juel I learned this about the two.
Ursula Kendall Johnson and Juel D. Lane are from a strong background of determination and dedicated, refined early in their career while attending Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School. Professionally educated and encouraged to personally challenge oneself as an artist. While working together on tour they both recognized the questionable actions of others in the industry and how detrimental it is to the performers. Rather than be discouraged at the actions taking place on tour, they started discussing and brainstorming ideas which would bring respect to the artist along with recognition of his or her true value and worth! They would often spend time together strategizing on ways to take control of their own destiny and how to realize their dreams. Finding time would not be easy for them as their own improving talents increased their demand to perform in other’s shows while their creative desires found them each developing and performing in one other’s personal productions. That is when they came upon the crossroads of Destiny, Fate and Inspiration joining their undeniable talent, drive, creativity and enthusiasm into one incredible collaborative show together; "Wha-Cha Don't Wanna tap Into". This production became the first of many to wake up Atlanta and created a buzz throughout the theatrical community. Both Johnson and Lane were not fearful of this endeavor, they knew with hard work, determination, and help from God that they had a winner. When Wha-Cha Don't Wanna Tap Into premiered, the community was begging for more. At that very moment, we knew we created more than a show; we created our Legacy...2 kids And A Dream Productions… A playground for dreamers and their dreams, a place to provide an opportunity for all in entertainment and the performing arts to dream and grow, a single production company for young people of all performing art venues to call home. It is their belief that whether a Choreographer, Dancer, Musician, Singer, Song- writer or Composer, all will feed off each other in creating a synergy for success. 2 Kids & a Dream Productions will continue to strive in providing the best value in entertainment to the Atlanta market and beyond while offering home to a broad array of talent and dreams.

Check out  one of the artist that this talent production company is working with!

To celebrate their unbreakable achievements 2 Kids & Dream productions is having a Launch Party to announce their wonderful Artist Development/Booking Talents, Productions, and Community Services to YOU! On April 11th, 2011. Rashan Ali is hosting this amazing event with Free Admission, Give-A-Ways, LIVE MUSIC this will be the launch party you would not want to miss.

Time: Monday, April 11 • 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: SC 1775
1775 South Columbia Place
Decatur, GA 30032

This is an event that you would want to be apart of and experience.
Remember to check out our website!
Email: Ursula Kendall-Johnson
Juel D. Lane

Candid Interview with Designer Shaka King  

What do you feel or think about when you reflect on fashion? As humans we take a glance at what others are wearing every second of the day. From the color, what designer a person is wearing, and even how the design fits a person. FASHION consumes us. The Webster dictionary states that Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time and it commonly refers to current clothing styles.
I had the opportunity to meet an icon in the field of men fashion last year and it change my outlook on what male fashion could be when the world of fashion is dominated by women craze. When I think of this designer I think of David Bowie song “Fashion.” Fashion - Turn to the left to the Miami native the idol in men fashion Shaka King.
Organic and luxurious is the Shaka King Menswear approach to design. “I want my clothes to exude the stillness and peace. I think we are all seeking in this millennium,” says King.
The Miami native’s design philosophy also draws from the American and Latino influences he experienced during his childhood. After receiving a B.F.A. in fashion design from Pratt Institute, King furthered his training by apprenticing in London and Milan. King credits this European finishing with refining his tailoring and developing his keen eye for exquisite fabrics.
King has made a strong impression in the men’s market since 1991. He has been praised by both national and international press. The New York Times, The Daily News Record [DNR], VIBE, Essence, E!, Telemundo, MNET [Africa], SHE-TV [Asia], are just a few of the media that have hailed King as a pioneer of the upscale urban chic style. DNR, in particular, dubbed him “The King of Chic”.
He has a solid reputation and thriving private clientele that includes celebrities, professional athletes, investment bankers, educators, writers, and recording artist. The Shaka King Menswear man simply seeks a designer who compliments his metropolitan lifestyle.
King’s unique detailing, concentration on draping and commitment to wear ability have become his signature. His line staples include; knits, blazers, shirts, trousers, coats and hats.
Shaka King distinctly masculine and ‘cool’ approach to dressing enticed shoe conglomerate Wolverine to bring the Shaka King sensibility to its Hush Puppies brand. Shaka King joined the select ranks of fashion designers Anna Sui and John Bartlett with the launch of his shoe collection, entitled Zen Breeze. This line marked fashion history as the first line of Hush Puppies designed by, an African-American clothing designer. Please go to Shaka King Website
SHAKA KING MENSWEAR…..It’s a feeling!
Shaka King website: contact# 917.304.5895

The Interview
We sat down and had a candid interview with the designer from New York and asked him
questions the readers would like to know!

Southern Belle Dish: What does fashion mean to you?
Shaka King: Fashion is the way a individual can express themselves, and/or, their desires. I design and sell fashion (menswear is me niche) . It means I get a check, on the regular …lol.

Southern Belle Dish: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
Shaka King: I was at my Aunt Dorethea’s house one weekend and saw some fabric on my cousin, Sharon’s bed (for some strange reason the print of the fabric, caught my attention). The following week I went to my Aunt’s house and my cousin came to the door wearing an outfit from the fabric on her bed. When I ask, she said she “made her outfit” and I quickly replied “if you can do that…I can too.”

Southern Belle Dish: How long have you worked as a designer?
Shaka King: I started designing and selling my designs, while attending Pratt Institute in the early 80’s. The fashion industry started “noticing” me in the early 90’s. Around the time *DNR (the men’s wear’s fashion industry’s trade paper) first interviewed me and then in ’93 they put my “MECCA” Spring/Summer ’94 Collection on the cover and dubbed me “The King Chic.”
*DNR (the Daily News Record).

Southern Belle Dish: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
Shaka King: LOL…My first article of clothing was a pair of red & white gingham check pants with a button fly, in a cotton/poly blend.

Southern Belle Dish: How does designing jewelry differ from designing clothes?
Shaka King: For me there is no difference (except working with differ materials, other than fabric, sometimes). For me they both require time, patience, commitment, an idea of what you want and a good execution.

Southern Belle Dish: How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?
Shaka King: on average I would say 4 hours to 2 days depending on construction, details and fabric.

Southern Belle Dish: Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.
Shaka King: For me it starts with the fabric (and sometimes the color), then an idea of the fit and/or look I’m going for. I usually “see” the design once I feel and start playing around with the fabric. From that point I start the design process with a thumbnail sketch of my concept, turn on my music and start cutting and sewing, fine tuning the design, as I realize it in the fabric.

Southern Belle Dish: Who are some of your favorite designers?
Shaka King: Armani, Kris Van Assche, Neil Barrett, Rick Owens, Chado Ralph Rucci, J. Mendel, Dries Van Noten, & Maison Martin Margiela.

Southern Belle Dish: How do you select your models?
Shaka King: Attitude first (positive and friendly with SKM gets you in the door.) after attitude, comes height (at least 5’11.5), skin quality, personal hygiene, walk, look, size ( it varies for SKM “every man is welcome” to wear SHAK KING MENSWEAR).

Southern Belle Dish: Who is one of your favorite local models to work with?
Shaka King: Robert Grant @ St. Clarie Models and Marcus Heard!/ModelHD.

Southern Belle Dish: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
Shaka King: I work at being clear and specific about what I want out of life. Then I work, everyday, forward, reaching that goal.

Southern Belle Dish: What skills do you think a required successful fashion designer should have?
Shaka King: All Fashion Designers should be educated on Draping, Patternmaking, Textiles & Fibers, Sewing Basics & Techniques and the basics of Pressing a garment.

Southern Belle Dish: What advice would you give young designers that want to get into the business?
Shaka King: Remember while it may look “all cool and exciting” being a Fashion Designer. It takes a “lot of hands on work” and research + marketing yourself.. Surround yourself with “your industry”…look at fashion magazines/books & photos/films/videos etc… from all over the globe. Pay attention to “what people are wearing”, identify your customer, questions where “trends” come from. Visit museums and exhibitions and showings. (I look at everything and anything, that move me, and things that don’t. Remember “all of this helps foster inspiration” for your design process). Go in the store and boutiques. Look at the garments inside and out (paying close attention to the construction of the garments) this will help you identify quality construction vs “not so good” construction . Learn to sew (with this knowledge you can always advise your production maker on how to make your clothing correctly). Pick up books on your industry and related fields of study and start reading them. Talk with people in the industry. Ask questions. Take an internship. Learn about fabrics and fibers (even if you just go to the local fabric store in your area and as questions). If it’s in your budget, go to college and get a degree.

Southern Belle Dish: Where can readers buy your clothes/jewelry?
Shaka King: Directly from my Design Studio (by appointment only) 233 Mitchell Street SW ste.525 (downtown) Atlanta.
Online at my Etsy shop:
Website: contact# 917.304.5895